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Dr Sarika

Dr Sarika Kewalramani, PhD
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Dr Sarika Kewalramani, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer at Swinburne University of Technology, Department of Education, Melbourne.
She has 10+years of teaching Science and Mathematics in Australian primary and secondary educational settings. Sarika's research expertise resides in conceptualising kindergarten and primary teachers' understanding of the nexus between creative STEM-based play by integrating technologies such as robotics as inclusive teaching practices and curricula programs in ways that promote students learning and development.
Through her research, Sarika provides exemplars of evidence-based practices to meaningfully integrate technologies (e.g. Robotics toys) in developmentally appropriate ways to progress for example children’s language, problem solving, inquiry, social communication skills - key dispositions needed for children to engage with STEM learning. 

She is the founder and lead researcher for the AIR play program that aspires to engage children in STEM learning trajectories early on. 

Building a Robot

Acknowledgements and Funding

The contributors to this program would like to especially thank the Victorian Government Department of Education for their support in including the program Improving Child Social and Emotional Development with Robotics Play within their set of tools and resources and accessible to early childhood services, families, communities and allied health professionals through the School Readiness Funding Menu. 

We also acknowledge the funding from the Collier Charitable Fund to enhance the website and make it inclusive to develop culturally rooted Robotics and STEM resources accessible to the Northern Territory early childhood and primary teachers and students. We also thank Dr Kelly-Ann Allen for the initial development of this website and program via the Monash University, Faculty of Education, School of Educational Psychology and Counselling, Capacity Building Grant.


Our sincere gratitude  also goes to all those who participated in this study (educators, early childhood services, parents and children) despite the COVID-19 pandemic, where we reverted to online modes of data collection (2020-2022).

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