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Our Research Program

Early Learning with Robotics Play Program is an evidence-based program emerging from an international study (2018-current) involving Australia, Norway and England early childhood and home-based settings.

The aim of this program is to provide evidence-based resources for educators and communities to better understand strategies and techniques for improving children’s social-emotional, communication, literacy and oral language skills as well as early numeracy skills through robot play.




What Does the Research Say?

Early Learning with Robotics Play is an evidence-based program that provides sessionprompts and topics for educators and parents to better...


Conceptual Framework

The conceptual framework underpinning Bronfenbrenner's socioecological lens acknowledges that a young child’s natural learning environment comprises...


All Inclusive Framework

The program materials and activity ideas are built around the program’s all-inclusive teaching andlearning framework that encourages critical reflection, discussion, debate...

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