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Our Research Program

Early Learning with Robotics Play Program is an evidence-based program emerging from international study (2018-current) involving Australia, Norway and England early childhood and home-based settings.

The aim of this program is to provide evidence-based resources for educators and communities to better understand strategies and techniques for improving children’s social-emotional, communication, literacy and oral language skills as well as early numeracy skills through robot play.

Acknowledgements and funding of inclusive robotics

Acknowledgements And Funding

Our sincere gratitude goes to the all those who participated in this study (educators, early childhood services, parents and children) despite the COVID-19 pandemic, where we reverted to online modes of data collection.

The contributors to this program would like to especially thank the Department of Education and Training VIC for their support in including the program, Improving Child Social and Emotional Development with Robot Play within their set of tools and resources and accessible to early childhood services, families, communities and allied health professionals through the School Readiness Funding Menu.

This website development was funded by the Monash University, Faculty of Education, School of Educational Psychology and Counselling, Capacity Building Grant.

what does the research say

Early Learning with Robotics Play is an evidence-based program that provides session
prompts and topics for educators and parents to better.....

Conceptual framework

The program’s conceptual framework underpinning Bronfenbrenner socioecological
lens acknowledges that a young child’s natural learning environment comprises.....

All inclusive framework

The program materials and activity ideas are built around the program’s all-inclusive teaching and
learning framework that encourages critical reflection, discussion, debate.....

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