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Children In Emotional Inquiry

Sara (9-year-old) and her sister (6-year-old, Kiana) engage in a play
session where a codable Cat Bot (LEGO BOOST robotic toy) is a ‘partner’
in the play scene. Without.....

Robot Greeting Story

Hi, I am Mini, your robot buddy, and I am here to tell you how you can be a good
friend. Today we are going to talk about greeting people.

Teach Me Sharing

Hello there, friend! I am Kibo, your robot buddy! I am here to help you learn how to become a good friend. Today, we are going to learn about sharing. We are going to meet a new friend whose name is Mary.....

Are You "Listening"

Hello there,! I am Dash, your robot buddy! Can you please teach me how to become a good listener and be a good friend? My teacher and mum tell me I need to get better at understanding listening.....

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